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 Brace Yourselves!!!

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Scarlet Exorcist

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PostSubject: Brace Yourselves!!!   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:20 am

Even tought this is an unmoderate place where you can disquss anything you want without in fear of your post being deleated by an admin.
You can say what you want about anyone including the GMs. (They will just range in-game)

But to make this place better...
Please Don't:

-Post Pornographic Content
-Insult someone MASSIVLY
-Gigantic Racism
-Posting threads like ''Oehahfala'' ''Gaddafsucafdökajfda''

Anyone Failing to obey these rules will gain 2 Warnings.
You have been warned.
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Brace Yourselves!!!
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